We look forward to seeing you at T.H.E. Show Newport 

We are busy getting ready. My wife just created this blog for us, something I’ve wanted for years. And she’s been updating the website while my son and I pack. We’re about to pack these beautiful Ypsilon Aelius Mk II mono blocks. These will be making a World Premiere in the High End Zone penthouse suite 1406. We’re going to play one more Led Zeppelin show before we crate these beauties up. They sound amazing! Ypsilon makes the finest amps I have ever heard in more than 30 years in this hobby. 

Please come and have a listen. We have great raffle prizes for our guests to win from Aurender, Golden Ear Digital and Verastarr. I am so excited for the system we’re going to be playing and grateful for the partners who are joining us. Most of all I’m excited to meet more wonderful people who share our love of music. 

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